index: atlas shivers, part III





Strainers vs Filters

by Irma Belice



otherwise. // THERE IS ALWAYS THE CHOICE OF NOT FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS. // The medical prescriptions can be torn and disposed of. While materializing how binaries are enforced on flesh, bodies and subjects, THE FOLD also points towards elasticity, alternation, inflection, open-endedness, multiplicity, non-exclusivity and infinity.


The heaviness of the word infinity, the lightness of the word paper, and the combination of these concepts in the Light Weight plastic pallet (carrying goods far heavier than its own weight) is a charged image. Pallets can be stacked on top of each another, like matryoshka dolls - like leaves with their small creases - one opening into the next. When exposed to heat, the plastic enters a state of heightened porosity, a pond of matter, and it becomes possible to bend, twist, stretch, fold.


What is presented are questions of sssurface-depth






A PALLET is a flat transport structure that enables storage efficiencies and increases stability while lifting or moving goods. The primary goal of LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT is to minimize the use of resources used in a SUPPLY CHAIN, in order to reduce the costs for the involved parties. LOGISTICS is further the manage-ment, control and implementation of material, monetary and information flows. It is the integration of PRODUCTION, PACKAGING, INVENTORY, TIME, TRANSPORTATION, WAREHOUSING, CURRENCY and SECURITY. Pallets are the accessories of logistics: its tools, body parts, corpuscules, vessels. Pallets are one of the ways in which the flow of global economy puts its mark on reality, or rather, one of the ways in which it produces its reality-effects.


FOLDING is an act of laying one part over another to create a fold, crease or pleat. The folding instructions tell us how to fold pieces of paper, yet the possibility exists of unfolding, or folding